„One language sets you in a corridor for life.
Two languages open every door along the way.“

Frank Smith

In Idiomes Llucmajor we work to open any door you wish for. All of our teachers have the proper qualifications and use their second languages daily, that is why you, with our help, will acquire the foreign language that you are interested in.

We work according to the Common European Framework Reference  for Languages (CEFR). Therefore, when you get to different levels, you can choose whether you want to sit an exam to achieve an official certification  (at the EOI, British Council, Goethe Institut…)

Idiomes Llucmajor is a certified exam preparation centre for the British Council, which certifies your English level through Cambridge University.



Programs offered:


English programme for children

English programme for children aged 8-12. Academic year 2023-24

English for teenagers

English programme for teenagers (ESO and Bachillerato). Academic year 2023-24

English for adults

English programme for adults academic year 2023-24

German lessons

German programme for children , teenagers and adults academic year 2023-24

Languages abroad

Cursos de idiomas en el extranjero
Disponemos de un servicio de organización de…

Study techniques

  • Aim: learning how to study
  • Duration: 10 class hours



























Who are we?

The team


Monika Farré Conrad

Spanish and German teacher



Zonish Khalid

 English teacher

Idiomes Llucmajor Sprachschule Leherin Zonish
Paco Soto Martin


Carlos González Mellado

Spanish  teacher

Anastasiia Sierova

English teacher

Idiomes Llucmajor Sprachschule Leherin Patrisia

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Certified exam preparation centre for:

Idiomes Llucmajor
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07620 Llucmajor

(+34) 971 661 682
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